Preventing scientific discovery could be a good thing but it also could be a bad thing. If scientific discoveries were stopped there wouldn’t be any medicine transport or upgrades in technology. Crime activity wouldn’t be as high as it is if guns and such things weren’t created, because having something just makes you want to use […]

Once there was a haunted house in the middle of a forest some people said the people who used to live there was abducted people saw green flashes coming from in the forest and the next day there were new residents and now an elderly couple live there and people think they are aliens. People […]

Shrike is an effective character as there 2 sides of him a soft loving cyborg side and a destruction driven side he showed this when he chased down Hester to kill her. This was missing understood because he was promised that when he killed her she would be a robot as-well. He’s nice because he […]

think heat newspaper is for people around the age of 13-19. The type of people that read Heat magazines, are girls as they would be more enticed by the cover. The next magazine is for people who are older in age as the prefer classic music.  

Introduction My name is Ramel Anthony McLaren. I was born in Kings college hospital, (London, England) at 1:42am on Wednesday the 19th of March 2003. Family My family are originated from Portland, Jamaica. My mum is called Jodianne and my dad is called Ryan. My family for generations have lived in Jamaica. My parents were […]

Karim seems like a young boy who’s trying be make the most out of the little freedom he gets. Freedom for him is rare as his city (town) is controlled by Israelites. Karim enjoys playing football in his rare spare time, especially with his best friend Joni. Karim doesn’t really get on with his older brother […]

Ched Evan’s shouldn’t get a shot at redemption. A convicted rapist is not wanted in the beautiful game of football. Bringing Ched Evan’s back into football will only give it a bad name. Many say Iron Mike Tyson got a second chance so should Ched well I disagree Tyson is in a totally different sport, […]

The topic of the essay is Shakespeare using competition in his plays. Competition is when two or more people are testing each other and trying to get above the other. The plays that will be in the essay includes the famous Romeo and Juliet, King Lear and Macbeth. Shakespeare uses competition within his plays to show what life was like […]

The Rivalry in Romeo and Juliet appears between Montague’s (Romeo’s family) vs Capulets (Juliet’s family). In the city of Verona (Italy) there has been street fights between Romeo’s cousins and Juliet’s cousins many times.

This half term we have been studying feuds the amazing William Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet which each include a rivalry, the Montague’s and the Capulets  Romeo and Juliet; Macbeth and his opponents in war. In the play Romeo and Juliet their is a huge rivalry between Romeo’s family the Montague’s and Juliet’s family […]